Myself Mananpreet Singh

System/Network Administrator and DevOps

I am based in Montreal, QC, Canada. I have a passion for Network Administration and love for Web development and automation.

What I can do ?

Design and Architect:

I like to keep things simple. I have an experience in Network Design and AWS infrastructure design.


You already have everything in place ? Not a problem, I can help managing, automate the existing infrastructure and improve it as per best practices.

What I have done so far ?

 DevOps Specialist and IT Manager
Since May, 2017
Montreal, QC

Design and architect multi region DataCentres (end to end cloud environment) and continuously improve it to manage with ease, make more reliable for our fronted customers and automate infrastructure deployment using  infrastructure as a code (Cloud Formation and Terraform).  Build and maintain modern automated deployment and CI/CD pipelines. Migrate our Infrastructure from public cloud to AWS. During my tenure I worked on various tools and technologies like AWS, Terraform,  Rancher, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Grafana, Graphite, NGINX, MYSQL, Mariadb, PostgreSQL, SSL, Bash, Groovy and Python. Some projects that I took lead: Infrastructure monitoring, reporting and alert management, logging solution, SSO integration of internal applications.

NTT Data (Morgan Stanley)
Senior System Administrator (Technical Lead)
June 2013 – May 2017
Halifax, NS

My team was the part of Enterprise Infrastructure team which are responsible for the operations of managed services. I managed windows and linux servers for web operations team and then lead the deployment operations team. Our goal was to secure the SLA while keeping every up and running. During my tenure I get to work with various technical and management level colleagues that left a huge positive impact on my professional development. I worked with technologies like Windows Servers (20083, 2008, 2012), Linux Servers (RHEL), IIS, WebSphere, Apache/Tomcat, TCP/IP, DNS, Load Balancers, F5 and A10 devices, SSL, Scripting (Bash, PowerShell), Disaster Recovery etc.

Dalhousie University
Masters in Internetworking
Sept 2011 – June 2013
Halifax, NS

My two years of Masters took me to the different world of professionalism. My professors across various discipline pushed me to expand my strength and challenges. My engagement in co-curricular activities ( International Centre, Student Unions, University Departments) strengthened my interpersonal skills.

Dalhousie University showed me what I love to do and what I want to achieve. It gifted me wealth of knowledge and inspiring peers.