Adding Swap space in linux

What is SWAP  space?

SWAP space in Linux is used when the physical memory of system gets full. If the system needs more memory resources and RAM is full then memory is moved to SWAP space. But SWAP cannot be used as a RAM replacement.

What is the benefit of SWAP space?

The main benefit of SWAP to save the system from get crashed, system may get slow but your application won’t crash.

How to add SWAP space?

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Commonly used PostGreSQL commands

As a DevOps and Sys Admin I get to deal with different databases server PSQL is one of the most commonly used database server. So I am sharing some of the most commonly used postgreSQL commands, feel free to comment if you would like to add any other.

I use pgcli in order to connect to postgres  server, pgcli is a command line interface for MySQL and MariaDB with auto-completion and syntax highlighting.

NOTE: All the below commands are for Unix based system (Mac, Linux) and works if you install pgcli.
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